Get Fall-Free This Fall

All of us have stumbled or fallen. In fact, we start as toddlers where the wobble and tumble to the carpet is part of normal development. As we grow older though, falls become an important health concern. Falls are costly—both in dollars and quality of life.  In Idaho, 1 in 5 falls result in significant injury from broken bones to head injuries. Accidental falls kill about 158 Idahoans each year at a cost of $164 million. Falls are the #1 cause of accidental injury and death for people aged 65+.

Falling is not limited to older adults though, it can happen to any of us.  When falls happen, it impacts all of us too. Fortunately, there are simple steps we can take to reduce the risk of falls! Now is the perfect time to get fall-free!

Celebrate the first day of Fall on September 22 and Falls Prevention Awareness Week on September 21-25 

It only takes a few simple steps to dramatically reduce our risk of falls. We can easily encourage others to do so as well. Here are 5 steps to get us started:

  1. Know your fall risk: Take this free assessment with 12 yes/no questions to find out.
  2. Do a safety check: Use this checklist at home  to find fall hazards by inspecting stairs, steps, handrails, lighting, carpets, and bathrooms.
  3. Stay active: Maintain balance, strength, and flexibility by being active or taking a class.
  4. Know your medications: Ask about interactions and side-effects that may make you more prone to falling.
  5. Check your vision: Get correction or learn skills to reduce misjudged steps and tripping on unseen obstacles.

Avoid the physical, mental, and financial impacts of falls. Take charge of getting fall-free this fall! For more information on healthy aging, visit the Idaho Commission on Aging’s website.

Written by Erin Olsen, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program Specialist at the Idaho Commission on Aging

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Dementia Skills Training

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your well-being to take care of someone you love. The Idaho Commission for Aging is here to help anyone struggling to care for a loved one with dementia with a free online Dementia Skills Training. Learn practical knowledge and strategies to help people living with dementia enjoy moments of human connection, beauty, and personal satisfaction.

Many forms of dementia are classified as disorders or diseases, but there aren’t treatments that will cure or stop the disease. So, the world of physicians and medication are not the answer for dementia. Instead the goal is to maintain the highest quality of life, to focus on capabilities, and maintain connections to interests, nature and people. This free online training can enhance your skills and make you a more confident caregiver. Through a series of brief training modules, caregivers learn all types of practical knowledge and tools to improve communication and understanding with people experiencing the middle stages of dementia. 

Learn more about feeling satisfaction and connection in your relationship to a person with dementia.

To learn more and to access the free training modules, visit the Idaho Commission for Aging’s website* at

The Idaho Commission for Aging suggests accessing their website in Chrome because it works better than other web browsers.

Screenshot of the dementia skills training on the Idaho Commission on Aging’s website.

Written by the Idaho Commission on Aging

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