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About Us

The Health Matters State Employee Wellness Program is managed through the State of Idaho Division of Human Resources. Health Matters delivers health and wellness-related resources, information, challenges, and targeted initiatives to state of Idaho employees. All state employees are welcome and encouraged to participate in Health Matters programming, regardless of their enrollment in state medical benefits.

Our Mission

The mission of Health Matters is to cultivate well-being for state of Idaho employees.

Our Vision

The vision of Health Matters is to develop a healthy, resilient, and productive workforce to serve the citizens of the state of Idaho.

Health Matters Well-Being Wheel

In alignment with the mission and vision of Health Matters, the Well-Being Wheel is the framework used to design resources and initiatives for state of Idaho employees.   

HEALTH: more than the absence of illness; thriving physically and mentally

MEANING: having purpose and knowing what you do matters

CONNECTION: positive, trusting relationships with those around you

RESILIENCE: bouncing back from setbacks and persevering through challenges

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