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Office Ergonomics

Proper ergonomics can prevent injury and illness caused by poor body position and repetitive motions. It can also help employees feel more comfortable while working and increase overall energy and productivity. Learn the basics of office ergonomics by watching the six short videos linked below. Please complete the evaluation at the bottom of the page once you are finished.

Office Ergonomics Transcript
Define ergonomics and identify training objectives. (1:08)

Body Posture Transcript
Recognize proper body posture and neutral body positions. (5:47)

Body Posture Resources:

Workstation Setup Transcript
Evaluate and adjust personal workstations to avoid physical stress and strain related to everyday job tasks. (6:36)

Working Zones Transcript
Understand and apply the principles of working zones. (1:48)
Getting Un-Stuck Transcript
Apply strategies for avoiding prolonged sitting and repetitive motions. (5:14)

Getting Un-Stuck:

Overview Transcript
Review key takeaways and identify additional resources. (3:35)

Overview Resources:

Don’t let working from home become a pain in the neck…or back. Learn how to apply proper ergonomics at home with these tips!

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