Prevent Burnout

25 Ways to Improve Your Day

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Simple self-care strategies to help you feel better
  1. Put things into perspective [What is truly important?]
  2. Take a quick walk
  3. Laugh at something silly
  4. Do a random act of kindness
  5. List three things that make you smile
  6. Take a power nap [less than 20 min]
  7. Drink water
  8. Call or text a friend
  9. Check your posture and readjust
  10. Unplug
  11. Listen to calming music
  12. Change up your environment
  13. Take three deep breaths
  14. Get some fresh air
  15. Eat a balanced meal or snack [focus on protein and produce]
  16. Do just one thing at a time
  17. Draw, doodle, or create something
  18. Tell yourself you’re doing a good job
  19. Take a break
  20. Stretch your body
  21. Write down what is frustrating you and/or causing you stress
  22. Pet a dog or cat
  23. Ask for help
  24. Set a boundary
  25. Organize or tide up something [a drawer, a file, your desk, etc.]