Happy, Healthy Holidays

Make the holidays merry and bright by prioritizing your well-being! Use the following tips, ideas, and strategies to keep you and your loved ones healthy this holiday season.  

Keep it Simple

One of the fastest ways to holiday burnout is to set high, unrealistic expectations for yourself. Make your plans simple and your activities doable.

Create a Holiday ‘Bucket List’

Create a ‘bucket list’ of fun, realistic things to do this holiday season. Ideas might include watching a favorite holiday movie, decorating cookies, donating to charity, looking at Christmas lights, etc.

Pace Yourself

The holiday season lasts for several weeks. Break your holiday preparations into small steps so you can accomplish a little each week. Also, do not forget the first tip and ‘keep it simple’ to prevent holiday burnout.

Reflect on Past Holidays

Think back to moments you have treasured during past holiday seasons, and try to recapture the essence of what made those times special even though it might not be exactly the same.

Look Forward with Optimism

Setting goals challenges us to aim for higher fulfillment and self-improvement. Give yourself something to look forward to next year. Set small, realistic resolutions, and ask others to help you stay accountable.

Talk to Someone Who Cares

If you feel bogged down by a case of the holiday blues, do not suffer through the season. Reach out and talk to someone you trust.

*Source: Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress This Year by ComPsych Guidance Resources
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