4 Mood and Energy Boosters

Your energy levels can be depleted by many factors. The external world is full of distractions, noise, sadness, and stress. It is valuable to remember that you, and only you, are responsible for your mood. Here are some helpful tips to keep your mood and energy levels in check so you can build them back up when they are depleted.


A quick way to inject feelings of happiness and positivity is to include music. Music can provide an instant energy boost and has been used therapeutically in clinical settings for both pain management and emotional well-being. When you are feeling down or just need a dose of happiness, put on your favorite upbeat tunes, and groove your way to a better mood.


It is true, laughter really can be the best medicine! Laughter has been shown to elevate mood, enhance immunity, and even prolong life. These benefits come from hearing laughter, having expectations of laughter or fun, and by the act of laughing itself.


Affirmations are phrases that you repeat to change, increase, or improve your state of mind. The power of affirmations is not in the words themselves, but the practice of visualizing a different reality. When you combine intentional actions with the refreshed mindset from your affirmations, you will find you can accomplish great things.

Good Deeds

When you do something nice for someone, it turns your focus away from yourself and your concerns and allows you to focus on helping somebody else feel good. Spreading kindness is the best way to spread happiness. Something as simple as a compliment, a kind word, or an act of generosity can start a positive domino effect of positive feelings.

Source: WELCOA’s COVID-19 Employee Education Toolkit: “Acknowledging and Lifting Your Mood and Energy Level