Women’s Health Check Program

By: Brie Veltri, Health Program Specialist, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

What is Women’s Health Check

Women’s Health Check provides FREE breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic testing for women who qualify. Service providers include public health districts, primary care offices, hospital systems, mobile mammography services, community health centers, and more. Local Coordinators across the state can answer questions about eligibility, covered services, and can also enroll women into the program.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid: Women screened or diagnosed with cancer and certain precancers through Women’s Health Check may be eligible to receive treatment through Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid.

Why it Matters

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for Idaho women. If caught early, your chances of survival increase greatly. Cervical cancer is preventable with regular screening tests and follow-up. It also is highly curable when found and treated early.

Who Women’s Health Check Serves
  • Those without health insurance or those with Medicaid
  • US Citizens or Legal Permanent Resident for at least five years
  • Low income women
  • Women ages 21-64

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Women’s Health Check!

If you (or anyone you know) might qualify, contact a local women’s health check coordinator for more information
Enroll Today!

Local coordinators across Idaho can provide more information and assist in enrollment. For  more information contact a local coordinator to learn how out program can help you. Call one today!

Ways to reduce the risk of cancer: