Built to Move

Having all your best “moves” for after work? Stop it! Move throughout your day. Simple movements bring great benefits to the body. So stand up, stretch, walk to the printer, walk the hallways, wiggle, get up to answer the phone or turn on/off the TV, use door handles instead of automated buttons. Fidget, sit sideways, dance…do something! Remember all those times your Mom said “settle down” or “sit still”? Erase those words from your memory. Saving your energy and bursts of activity for evenings, weekends, the gym, or a special event is just silliness. We are built to move all day long. So get unplugged from all your technology and bust a move; shake it up. Dance is a great way to exercise – it’s fun and can be done in the privacy of your own home! Dance while you clean, while you move from room to room, while you cook. Warn your neighbors if you plan to dance while doing yard work; it will cut down on “those looks”. If house dancing is not your thing, get out there and join a dance group. Heirloom Dance Studios and USA Dance are great places to start in Boise. There are similar opportunities across the state. Please share names of dance organizations you are aware of in your area. What is your favorite way to move throughout the day?

Take it outside!

The next time you feel like falling into the recliner or perching yourself comfortably with your laptop, smart phone, tablet or whatever… STOP! Take it outside. In fact, take the whole family outside. Put down the remotes, put away the technology, turn off the power. Unplug. There’s a whole world waiting for your family – outside. Unplug and Be Outside is happening across Idaho in April and May. Try a new activity. Have a family contest. Each family member can choose an activity for everyone to try – rock climbing, golf, fishing, bike rodeo, geocaching, star gazing, camping, belly dancing, hockey, zumba, ice skating, gardening…and the list goes on! Come on – reconnect with the earth. Take it outside! How does your family “take it outside” and be active?

Get Your Dog On!

Walking the dog has huge health benefits – for you. Incidently, it’s a pretty good deal for your furry friend as well. Some of those benefits include lower blood pressure, a lower BMI, and a trimmer waistline; it’s a great way to fight the Obesity Epidemic. Read more on Arthritis Today. The biggest ‘aha’ I got from walking my Izzy Dog every night was the community benefit of pets. I had no idea there were so many people out every evening, rain or shine, walking their dogs. I found neighbors I never knew I had! People stop, visit, share information, and create bonds. Not only do I feel part of a neighborhood community, I feel safer knowing my neighbors. So get out there and get walking; enjoy the health benefits! Izzy and I are going tonight.