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Sammy Warren

May 2020

A Health Matters Hero inspires those around them and contributes to a culture of well-being for fellow State of Idaho employees.

Health Matters Hero: Sammy Warren
May 2020

Congratulations, Sammy!
Sammy works for Department of Health and Welfare in Twin Falls and was nominated by five of her coworkers to be May’s Health Matters Hero! Sammy spearheaded an effort to make close to 600 cloth face masks to donate to people in her community.

From Anonymous, “Sammy Warren deserves to be recognized for her contribution to a culture of health in the Region V Adult and Children’s Behavioral Health Departments for her role as architect, designer, seamstress, and production director behind the mass production of cloth/fabric face coverings. Mrs. Warren donated fabric, thread, a sewing machine, and tremendous ingenuity to begin production of cloth face coverings. Staff from Region 5 Adult and Children’s Behavioral Health departments quickly joined in the many phases of production. Staff members also donated fabric, interfacing, elastic, thread, sewing machines, irons, and ironing boards. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Warren, staff members learned the various phases of the project and became experts in cutting fabric, assembling, pinning, pleating, and ironing the face coverings. To date, cloth face coverings have been made for Region 5 staff and family members, UPS and United States Postal Workers, Twin Falls School District Teachers and Cafeteria Staff, Ok Automotive Employees, Spears Employees, Jerome Sheriff Department and Search and Rescue Team Members, Region 5 clients, and the Walker Center. The Culture of Health has been enhanced in Region 5 and the Magic Valley by Mrs. Warren’s concern for the well-being of her fellow State of Idaho employees as well as community members in the Magic Valley.”

From Christine Jones, “Sammy has always taken an interest in her coworkers and people in her community and their health and well-being in addition to her volunteer work at our local free medical clinic. There was no surprise in her quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of PPE available to people. Sammy took on the task of creating face masks for PPE for all her coworker’s, their families, and numerous members of her community. Sammy donated her own materials and worked countless hours of her own time to create washable PPE. She organized her work team to meet the production demands as increased requests from our community were received. Sammy continues to make sure that all individuals in need have PPE available to them free of charge.”

From Bill Patterson, “She goes out of her way to help clients no matter the situation she’s there for them. She’s been working nonstop on making sure everyone in the community who asks for a mask receives one. Her fingers must be getting so tired of all the work she’s doing to make masks and keep up with her client’s needs. She’s one in a million and we are so lucky to have her on our team.”

From Sarah Bickford-Thorpe, “Sammy has spent a great deal of time and energy making cloth masks for our employees, and anyone in the community that has been in need. At this point she has made over 400 masks and is continuing to provide them for anyone who is in need. Sammy has always been generous and caring and as a nurse has put the needs of our clients and staff first. However, with the COVID crisis she has gone above and beyond to provide for our health and safety.”

From Sandra Driscoll, “Sammy has spent many hours of her own time and using her own money to make masks for our staff, our families and our community. This selfless act has helped our staff feel a little bit safer through this pandemic.”

I have always had a need to help others, I’m not sure why exactly.  I was bullied as a child and have worked hard to make others feel special and needed as a result I think. 


My Mother always inspired me.  She would have made enough masks that all of the Treasure Valley would have had them! 


Because of increasing poor health, last September I opted to have weight loss surgery. With support from my family, friends and coworkers, I have lost a LOT of weight. 


100# lost, only 7# to go! 


I try to get up and move frequently, and I walk during breaks when I can. 


I just love the people that I work with.  They are all special, giving people.  This is one job that I love coming to work every day. 

colorful cloth face masks made by sammy warren
Beautiful face masks Sammy made to donate.
Some of the nearly 600 face masks Sammy made!
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