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November: Gratitude

When life gets challenging it can be difficult to focus on all of the good things we have to be thankful for. Our brains are hardwired to consider the worst possible scenario and remember negative experiences as a way to avoid pain and stay safe in the future. Gratitude is one way to counteract our natural bias towards negativity to boost happiness and overall well-being.
The Amazing Effects of Gratitude
Gratitude Tips
  • Take a moment. Think about the positive things that happened during the day.
  • Journal. Make a habit of writing down things you’re grateful for. Try listing several things.
  • Savor your experiences. Try to notice positive moments as they are happening.
  • Relive the good times. Relive positive moments later by thinking about them or sharing them with others.
  • Write to someone. Write a letter to someone you feel thankful toward. You don’t have to send it.
  • Make a (physically distant) visit. Tell someone you’re grateful for them in person.


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