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Healthy Workplace Posters

We're all in this together

Print and display these posters around offices to remind employees and visitors to follow proper social distancing measures and hygiene/cleaning practices.

PDF files can be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.

Practice Social Distancing
Practice Social Distancing
Practice Social Distancing-entrances
Practice Social Distancing (entrances)
Wash Hands
Wash Your Hands
Clean and Disinfect
Clean and Disinfect Surfaces
Wear a Mask
Wear a Mask
Thank you for wearing a mask
Thank You for Wearing a Mask
Mask in my workspace
Wear a Mask in My Workspace
Face Masks Required
Face Masks Required

Prevent the spread of COVID-19
Do Your Part to Prevent COVID-19
Limit Riders in Elevator (generic)
Elevator Capacity
Limit Riders in Elevator (capacity)
Take the Stairs

Restroom Generic
Restrooms (generic)
Restroom Capacity
Restrooms (capacity)
Stay Home
Stay Home if Sick

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