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Summer BINGO: Frequently Asked Questions

I am on a team, do I still need to register?

Yes! Everyone, whether playing alone or as part of a team, must register themselves individually to participate.

When do I get my BINGO card and when do I report my BINGOS?

Each Thursday, starting July 8th, Health Matters will email participants the next week’s BINGO card. The BINGO card is valid for activities completed Monday-Sunday of the following week.

When do I report my BINGOS?

Each Wednesday, starting July 21st, participants must report their BINGOs online by 5:00 PM MDT to be eligible for weekly prizes. Weekly prize winners will be announced in the email the next day! Download a printable BINGO reporting schedule / Download screen reader accessible BINGO reporting schedule

How to I submit my BINGO card?

You do not submit your actual BINGO card. You keep track on your own and report the number of BINGOs you earn each week online. The reporting link for the week is included at the top of each BINGO card.

Can I play as an individual AND as part of a team?

Yes! Everyone, whether playing alone or on a team, must register themselves individually to participate. Everyone is eligible for weekly prize drawings. You will receive one entry per BINGO you report. If you are on a team, you will select your team’s name on your weekly reporting form so your individual BINGOs are added to your team’s total.

I am going on vacation and will miss a week of BINGO, can I still play?

Of course! You can either take your BINGO card with you and continue to play or just play during the weeks that work best for you.

I am a team captain, how can I make a change to my team’s registration (team name, number of team members, etc.)?

Email and tell us what changes you need to make. We will update your team’s registration form on our end.

Can I check off two boxes with one activity? For example, I ate vegetable with breakfast that was also green. Does this count?

Yes! As long as the activities are completed, you can cross off multiple boxes at a time.

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