How’s your well-being?

When people see you, does everything on the outside seem serene and picturesque? But on the inside do you feel fuzzy, frazzled, or empty? It could be you need to do a little work on your well-being. There is a big difference between wellness and well-being, though we often use the terms interchangeably. Wellness is a state of health; well-being is more holistic – it includes a sense of happiness, prosperity, emotional and social health, and life satisfaction. It is the bigger picture – the whole life experience. Well-being is so important, it is even addressed and defined by the Centers for Disease Control. So how is your well-being? Here are some tips to achieving a better sense of well-being
  • Work out
  • Calm the chaos
  • Eat and drink good stuff
  • Enjoy quality “me” time
  • Enjoy quality “we” time
  • Love where you live
  • Love where you work
  • Look good
  • Be happy
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