Is the kitchen talking?

What is your office kitchen saying about your work group?  Maybe nothing…or maybe your office needs a big infusion of care into your staff and the kitchen! Here are some frightening infractions…
  • Refrigerator science experiments
  • Outdated condiments
  • Smelly dishcloths and dirty towels
  • Dirty cutting boards
  • Lack of hand and dish soap
  • Smelly/dirty sponges and scrubbies
  • Handprints on cupboards
  • Mold in the water spigot
  • Grime in the coffee pot
  • Dirty faucet handles
  • Dirty door handles on fridges and microwaves
  • Exploded food on microwave walls
  • Moldy/dirty drain catchers/plugs
Some suggestions…
  • Put someone in charge of kitchen cleanup
  • Create a roster of revolving care takers
  • Confiscate the offensive “stuff” and throw it
  • Get a dishwasher
  • Call in a professional cleaner
  • More ideas…
Ask yourself…could your kitchen (at home or at work) pass inspection? Makes you think twice about getting that next cup of coffee from the office kitchen! It’s flu season; we don’t need kitchen germs. Keep it clean; soap up! Know the germiest places in your life. Share your ideas on how to keep the office kitchen germ free!