Financial Wellness

Financial problems rate among the top causes of stress, often resulting in high blood pressure, sleepless nights, lively “discussions” with the family, headaches, back aches, and on and on. Many of us avoid the pain of thinking about or dealing with our finances. Some of us think about them to excess. One thing is certain, our finances can have a direct effect on our overall sense of wellbeing. But, can you be financially well with a negative bottom line? Is it as simple as changing the lens with which you view happiness or success? Can you change your reality? Some positive psychologists think so; listen to this TED Talk with Dr. Shawn Achor. If positive psychology and changing your lens just doesn’t do it for you, maybe you need to consider a more practical approach to money management. The bottom line – whether you think financial wellness is an attitude, a reality or somewhere between, your finances deserve your consideration. Put your mind to work on ways you can make your finances a little more “healthy”. Don’t know where to start? Check out the Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition and the Idaho Department of Finance’s financial literacy links and resources.