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The Big 4 Focus

January 19-February 12, 2021

Whether your new years resolution is to lose weight, be more active, or learn a new skill, The Big Four Focus can help you feel your best so you can tackle your goals in 2021! Stay motivated with daily emails providing encouragement and troubleshooting techniques about improving the BIG 4 in your life nutrition, activity, sleep, and stress.

The BIG 4 Focus has ended, but you can revisit the daily emails here!

What are The BIG 4?

Eat Right

Different ways of eating work for different people, but there are some nutrition fundamentals that apply to everyone. The BIG 4 Focus will identify evidenced-based nutrition truths and share realistic strategies for eating right for your body.

Move Often

Our bodies were made to move and every little bit counts. The BIG 4 Focus will break down the recommendations for cardio, strength training, mobility, and everyday activity as well as offer ideas for getting and staying in motion.  

Sleep Well

Americans are chronically under rested! Improving your sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health. The BIG 4 Focus will discuss sleep hygiene and how to establish a healthy sleep routine.

Stress Less

Some stress can be beneficial but most of us are over stressed. The BIG 4 Focus will examine ways you can build stress management and relaxation techniques into your already full life.

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