Winter got you tied up in knots?

Had enough of the snow, ice, and sub-zero weather? Are the kids and animals turning on you? Winter weather forces us indoors with lots of moaning and groaning and pent-up energy. Here are some ways to use that pent up energy. For your little kids, promotes 11 Fun Activities When Winter Weather Traps You Indoors – not a bad list of things to get the little ones focused on something fun. For your older kids, create an indoor skating rink, play freeze play or do mirror dancing. Lots more great ideas on For your pets, throw a nerf ball, play tug-of-war, hide treats, use a laser pointer. Get dogs outside for a brief walk; it doesn’t have to be long, just enough time for them to experience another world. Pets can get destructive when they don’t have stimulation or outside time. More great ideas on keeping your pet active and fit indoors is on Petfinder. For you, look at “winter confinement” as a gift! Remember what it was like to read a good book? Now you have time. Get members of your family involved and read aloud, or create your own home-bound family book club. Always wanted to try new, healthy vegetable recipes? Now is the time to go online or scour your cookbooks and magazines for healthy alternatives. Walking DVD’s are great for winter weather; get off the couch, plug in the DVD, and get a mile under your belt in 15 minutes. How about your own DIY project? BuzzFeed has insanely easy fun projects that even I can manage! This is my new favorite website. I’m going to make a firefly jar…. What are your ideas for staying active indoors?