Sitting Disease?

Yes, there is a name for it…Sitting Disease. If you are sitting while you read this, you may suffer with the condition. Our culture has shifted more and more to knowledge-based work – and we all shifted more and more into our chairs. We spend hours sitting at the desk, in the car, and in the recliner at home. Most of us look for the easiest and least time consuming way to get something done. Time and effort have become our drivers, not our bodies, not our health. Want to improve your life expectancy and your health? Get up! We are built to move, not to sit. Get a pedometer, stand or walk while you talk on the phone, use the stairs, park in the furthest parking spot. Become more ‘chair free’! Check out these 11 Simple Solutions. Remember…movement is medicine. Get out there; shake it up. Use your body. Resources I have used:
  • customize this computer desktop reminder; it’s not a memory hog so it lives well on your desktop
  • Leslie Sansone Walk at Home, Burn Body Fat, DVD, 1, 2, and 3 mile walks ($9.99). I use this in my office at break or over the noon hour. These power walks are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. Choose the walk that fits your mood.
  • Fitbit a great way to track movement including steps; they also have a new pedometer called the Zip