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Well-Being Wheel Team Challenge

Team up to roll into the new year feeling good!

Team Captains Register by Friday, January 11!

What is the Well-Being Wheel Team Challenge?

The Well-Being Wheel Team Challenge provides friendly competition as employees from all over the state team up to complete activities and build their own Well-Being Wheel. During this four-week challenge, participants choose activities that best fit their lifestyle and personal goals.

There are four segments of the Health Matters Well-Being Wheel: health, meaning, connection, and resiliency. Every week of the challenge will focus on a different segment. Each team member will complete at least one suggested activity for the team to earn that wheel segment. See full challenge details.

How to Participate – Team Captain

  1. Register your team online by Friday, January 11 . There is no limit to the number of participants allowed on a team.
  2. Track your team's completed activities for the week. Teams will earn a segment of the Well-Being Wheel when each team member has completed at least one suggested activity.
  3. Submit your team tracking log to Health Matters via email by Friday of each week to receive a segment of the Well-Being Wheel and to be eligible for prizes.

See full challenge details to learn more.