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Snack Plate Lunch

Use this template for a satisfying snack plate lunch that will fill you up and energize you for the rest of your afternoon! Add more protein and veggies for additional staying power and alter your carbohydrate sources (crackers, fruits, etc.) depending on your diet preferences.

 4 oz protein source like low-sodium deli meat, hard boiled eggs, sliced leftover chicken or steak, or shelled edamame
 1 cup fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, radishes, or celery
 1 oz cheese like sliced cheddar, cubed gouda, or a mozzarella string cheese
 1 serving of something crunchy like crackers, mixed nuts, or roasted chickpeas
 2 tbsp dip like hummus, salad dressing, or yogurt dip

Place protein, vegetables, and cheese in a reusable storage container. Put crunchy item of choice and dip of choice in two additional containers to prevent sogginess. Store in a refrigerator or cooler bag until lunch time.


Assemble all ingredients on a plate or enjoy straight from packable containers.

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