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Health Matters was chosen by WELCOA as one of the Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals in the U.S.!

Is Chronic Pain driving you to the edge?
It's Pain Awareness Month. Check out the resources

Prostates. What men should know.

Tune in. Your heart is counting on you.

It's Cholesterol Education Month. Tune in.
Too much Cholesterol = clogged arteries.
Clogs = higher risk for heart disease/stroke
Heart disease and stroke = illness and death
Stop the madness! Try these tools

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Healthy "Table Talk" - Healthy Boundaries

Get some quiet time with the kids - at the table, in the car, or on the go. Start some Table Talk. It's a great way to create connections. The topic and guidelines change monthly.














Flu prevention comes in more than one package. Be prepared so you can enjoy a healthy fall

More on Flu Resources


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