Are you a sitting target?

I was talking with a group of women last week about breast cancer. It seems the majority fell into two groups…”I don’t want to hear any more about breast cancer; I am sick of it” and “I am scared to death; I don’t want a mammogram – I just hope for the best”. I can appreciate both perspectives but doesn’t it just make us sitting targets? Cancer feeds on ignorance and fear; they are cancer’s allies. Idaho has a low mammography screening rate and we need to change that. Please know that you don’t have to participate in a cancer walk, you don’t have to wear pink, you don’t have to pledge support, you don’t have to listen to surviviors. All you have to do is get a mammogram. No more excuses. Make the call; get it done. For breast cancer resources, visit Health Matters. For financial assistance with a mammogram, visit Women’s Health Check and Operation Pink Bag. Do you have a breast cancer story you would like to share?