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WOW State Employees get a great deal - just for being a State Employee! Only $25 for a year for bike usage (a discount from $70) - with an hour a day for free. It's all on Boise GreenBike.

It makes it so easy to bike instead of drive a car – Since April, I have biked to more than 6 meetings, done lots of errands and lunch rides totaling over 36 rides. Bike riding makes going to a meeting lots more fun! Over 36 rides with over 100 miles ridden so far – and I am just getting started. At this rate of riding my fee is going to be less than 2 cents per mile for the year. You just can't beat that.

Here's how it works - you ride from Station to Station. Stations are all over the place. You can get almost anywhere in the downtown area in 5 minutes. And its only the time you are actually riding that is counted against your one free hour. It's so much cheaper and faster than driving and parking a car. Plus you don't have the anxiety of looking for a parking space, paying for parking, and dealing with a ticket, if your meeting runs long.

Added benefits - I have been losing weight since I joined. I have lost almost 10 pounds so far! And, on my lunch hours I am exploring and watching the progress of projects – the Broadway Bridge and the White Water Park (wow!).

So if you have been hesitating, don't. Join in the fun and feel better. Whether you bike to meetings, run errands, or just take a lunch ride, you will benefit.

The website and mobile app track your stats and even map your rides. For all the important links, read the Boise GreenBike promo on Happenings.

See below; it's pretty motivating!




Hope to see you at one of the bike stations.

Bill Farnsworth
Department of Administration





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