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Monthly Mini Challenge

Monthly Mini Challenges are simple, individual challenges designed to make participants happier and healthier. Track participation to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year. Earn one entry per month for each Mini Challenge completed.

March Mini Challenge - Charge Up

March: "Charge Up"

Sleep without your phone.

The “Charge Up” Mini Challenge invites you to sleep with your cell phone in another room for 30 days. Your bedroom is an excellent place for you to recharge, but it’s not the best place for charging your phone. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, find an “old school” alarm clock instead. If you’re worried about missing an emergency call, leave the ringer on high so you can hear it from the other room. If you need something to do before dozing off, read a book or write in a journal – both of these evening rituals can help your mind and body relax and prepare for sleep.

Being near your cell phone at night can interfere with your ability to relax and get the rest that you need. Even if you turn off the ringer and vibration and place the phone face down to hide any light, having your phone next to your bed makes it extra tempting to check messages, browse social media, or look something up on the Internet. This can stimulate your brain when you’re trying to wind down. On top of that, the light emitted from your phone mimics daylight, disrupting your body’s natural sleep/wake cycles. Put your phone to rest in another room before you go to bed and get the most out of one of the greatest luxuries in life – sleep!


After you've finished this month's Mini Challenge mark the challenge as complete to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year! You can earn one entry per month.

I completed "Charge Up"!

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Source: 102 Challenges by Tad Mitchell, 2018 WellRight, Inc.