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Monthly Mini Challenge

Monthly Mini Challenges are simple, individual challenges designed to make participants happier and healthier. Track participation to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year. Earn one entry per month for each Mini Challenge completed.

May Mini Challenge - Tree Hugger

August: "Heart Felt"

Tell 20 people why you appreciate them.

The “Heart Felt” Mini Challenge invites you to tell 20 different people why you appreciate them over the next 31 days. This is harder than it sounds. First you need to reflect on why you appreciate someone, then you need to actually tell that person – which may feel a bit awkward. What may be difficult in this challenge is finding 30 different people, stepping out of your comfort zone, and expressing appreciation for people you might not know or talk to that frequently.

We often show that we appreciate people through our actions: by helping, listening, or smiling. However, if you truly appreciate someone, it’s important to tell them too – even if it doesn’t come naturally. The more we express appreciation for others, the happier and healthier we become. What do you have to lose? Contemplate those you appreciate in your life, speak up, and let them know.  


After you've finished this month's Mini Challenge mark the challenge as complete to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year! You can earn one entry per month.

I completed "Heart Felt"!

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Source: 102 Challenges by Tad Mitchell, 2018 WellRight, Inc.