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Monthly Mini Challenge

Monthly Mini Challenges are simple, individual challenges designed to make participants happier and healthier. Track participation to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year. Earn one entry per month for each Mini Challenge completed.

September Mini Challenge Double Dare

November: "100 Thanks"

Say "thank you" 100 times.

The “100 Thanks” Mini Challenge invites you to say “thank you” 100 times over the next 30 days (about 3 times/day). The goal of this challenge is to train your mind to look for things that you are thankful for, ultimately becoming aware of all the good in your life. As you begin to regularly thank people, your mindset will change. Things that might normally irritate you will become less so – ultimately making you a happier person. In the process, people around you will be happier too!

Every time you interact with others, you have the opportunity to express appreciation. Seize that moment! When you notice someone doing something kind or generous – whether for you or another person – express your gratitude. Think about those who affect your life; be sure to thank them as well. Thank your neighbors, your family, your children’s teachers, and even people you encounter while running your errands or shopping. Showing gratitude strengthens relationships, helps us make new friends, and improves both our mental and physical health. By the way, thanks for giving this challenge a try!


After you've finished this month's Mini Challenge mark the challenge as complete to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the year! You can earn one entry per month.

I completed "100 Thanks"!

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Source: 102 Challenges by Tad Mitchell, 2018 WellRight, Inc.