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  • Already registered on the Blue Cross website? Then log on to Blue Cross Member Section and use the health and well-being tools, resources, and assessments including online health coaching for stress management, nutrition, physical activity, weight management, and smoking cessation. Other tools include health trackers, online cookbook, medical library, and audios and videos. Check it out - many of the tools are downloadable to an iPod, Blackberry, or other handheld device.
  • Not yet registered online with Blue Cross? Go online to the Blue Cross of Idaho Member Section and click on Register at the top of the page. Grab your Blue Cross insurance card and follow the instructions Trouble registering? Contact Blue Cross of Idaho Customer Service at 208-331-8897 or 1-866-804-2253 for assistance.
  • If you enter your 'clinical measures' - weight, height, waist measurement, blood pressure, blood sugar (glucose), cholesterol, and HDL your personal feedback report will be more detailed. You do NOT have to know these figures to take the assessment. You will automatically be reminded to re-take your assessment in 6 months. It's a great way to set goals and track your progress.
  • Need 'clinical measures'? Check your local hospital, district health office, or health fair for affordable opportunities or ask your Doctor for a copy of your last blood work. Find your local hospital...

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