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Heart Health


Take a Walk

Take a Walk

Don't be a Dead Beat

Don't be a Dead Beat

Beat Goes On

Beat Goes On

Get Pumped

Get Pumped

Are you a woman? This is about you.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the U.S. Be informed!

Take Charge of Your Heart Health!

Understanding Blood Pressure & Stroke



Source...Centers for Disease Control

Heart with Weights

Connect the Dots...Cholesterol, Salt, & Tobacco

If you are not connecting the dots, your heart is! Educate yourself.

Heart Healthy Recipes

Running Heart

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Tools and Tips


Take a CPR/AED/First Aid Class American Red Cross, Greater Idaho Chapter


Download DHW's Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Cardiac Posters below. Or, go to Heart Health on the Health Matters.

Call 911

Reasons to
Call 911

Don't Be Embarrassed

Don't Be

They Did Everything Right

They Did
Everything Right

Charlie Heart Attack

Charlie -

Missing Mom Heart Attack Symptoms

Missing Mom -







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