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Mired in a mess?

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  • Get rid of excess and broken things
  • Stop storing someone else's stuff
  • Deal with sentimental clutter...use it, or take a picture and let it go
  • Stop impulse buying
  • Make clutter clean-up a daily habit

Take a head trip

Exercise your brain...use it or you will lose it!

  • Read, play games, go to a lecture, visit a museum, learn a new language
  • Learn a musical instrument; it's never too late to start
  • Mix things up - drive different routes, use a difference hand, challenge your senses
  • Work out - it keeps your mind sharp
  • Choose a healthy diet with good fats
  • Watch the alcohol
  • Stay involved with friends/community; relationships sharpen the mind
  • Reduce or manage your stress - try a little calm
  • Sleep! Your brain needs sleep to process and store new info from the day; sleep improves focus and memory

Eggs-actly what you need to know

...about Easter Eggs! From little known facts, to proper storage, to food safety!

Do you know?

A hen lays an egg approximately every 25 hours.
"The entire time from ovulation to laying is about 25 hours. Then about 30 minutes later, the hen will begin to make another one." (Source: USDA, Shell Eggs from Farm to Table)


Have you tried food dating?

Use by, Sell by, Packaged on, Best by, Use before...!!!

Nutrition got you stumped?

Other Nutrition Resources...

Nutrition Tracking Tools

Water, Water, Water!


Family Issues Newsletter

Check out the latest edition of the University of Idaho Extension Office Newsletter, Family Issues, for March/April. It is packed with great information including springing forward with fruits and veggies, info on pre-diabetes and how to avoid diabetes, and the importance of protein in your diet.

Alcohol. Do you know your limits?

Refresh your knowledge about alcohol content. Make healthy choices and be safe. A "standard drink" is equal to 14.0 grams (0.6 ounces) of pure alcohol. Generally, this amount of pure alcohol is found in...

  • 12-ounces of beer (5% alcohol content)
  • 8-ounces of malt liquor (7% alcohol content)
  • 5-ounces of wine (12% alcohol content)
  • 1.5-ounces or a "shot" of 80 proof (40% alcohol content) distilled spirits or liquor such as gin, rum, vodka, whiskey

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alcohol and Public Health. Read more Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Weather Resources

Dream Your Health Into Reality

Dream Boards, or Vision Boards, may help you reach your wellness goals. Read more about how to make one...and get dreaming!

Get Moving!


Biking, Walking, Sharing the Roadways

Tracking Tools

Brain Drain?

Healthy Meetings

Struggling to provide healthy foods at your meetings/events? Don't reinvent the wheel; check these resources.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Blue Extras - Fitness Club Discounts!

Check out Blue Extras - discount programs for Blue Cross Members including fitness clubs, hearing, vision and orthodontia services, and safety and natural medicine. You’ll find information on the Blue Cross website.

Network of Care Idaho

Check out this new resource sponsored through Idaho's Public Health Districts. The site is for individuals, families, and agencies concerned with public health. It is rich with information and resources including a library, links to organizations, and a personal health record you can complete and store securely. Read more...

Consumer Online Health Resources

Looking for a health topic for a wellness meeting or a health resource? Check out the online Health Information, Consumer Health Complete through the Idaho Commission for Libraries at It's free and offers everything from fact sheets to videos to images and diagrams.

Additional online health and wellness resources are available on the Blue Cross of Idaho website


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