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Struggling to provide healthy foods at your meetings/events? Don't reinvent the wheel; check these resources.

Medical Self Care Webpage

Help employees take charge of their health! Medical Self Care is a Health Matters webpage that provides tools to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

Plan a Walking Rally!

Team up with other agencies in your area and sponsor a noon hour Walking Rally. It's fun and easy! And, it gets people up and moving.

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)

Looking for relevant, credible, and cost effective resources to assist you in creating your workplace wellness plans? Consider WELCOA.

Doing what matters. Simple employee wellness efforts.

Think of providing these to your employees...

  • list of area after-school community programs
  • list of area day care programs
  • calendar of school vacations and breaks
  • support family "after school" phone calls to check on kids
  • a private worksite space for breastfeeding mothers
  • information about long term care and assisted living resources
  • medical self-care books
  • financial wellness brown bags using not-for-profits such as the Financial Literacy Coalition
  • family-focused wellness events and outreach to include spouses and dependents

Free Health Matters Resources

  • Posters. Download and print wellness posters to promote Health Matters, Stairwells, Handwashing, Flu Prevention, Colon Cancer Prevention, Skin Cancer Prevention, Stroke Awareness and more.
  • Bookmarks. Great health reminders; three new designs; free. Order for your employees: email Health Matters and include your office mailing address.
  • New Employee Orientation 5x7 Cards. Be proactive. Include this wellness resource as part of your employee orientation program. Download and print the double-sided document in color or B&W. Apple and/or Meadow
    Just need a few? email Health Matters

Network of Care Idaho

Check out this new resource sponsored through Idaho's Public Health Districts. The site is for individuals, families, and agencies concerned with public health. It is rich with information and resources including a library, links to organizations, and a personal health record you can complete and store securely. Read more...

Consumer Online Health Resources/Data Base

Looking for a health topic for a wellness meeting or a health resource for your employees? Check out the online health information data base; click on Midlife + Adults on the Idaho Commission for Libraries at It's free and offers everything from fact sheets to videos to images and diagrams.

Additional health and wellness resources are available on the Blue Cross of Idaho website.

Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Idaho

HEAL Idaho is a voluntary network of organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals committed to creating an environment where all Idahoans have access to healthy food options and opportunities to be physically active. Check out the resources!

National Health Observances

Searching for specific monthly health observance information? Health observances are special days, weeks, or months used to raise awareness of important health topics. Check out the National Health Observance Calendar. Resources include dates, sponsoring organizations, and contact information.

Agency Coordinator’s Role

If one of your many duties is wellness coordination or serving as the wellness contact for your agency, the Health Matters website is a resource for you. As you start a program be sure it fits with your agency’s culture, resources, budget, and goals. An agency wellness program can be as simple as sending occasional emails to employees connecting them with existing resources, or it can be as structured as running a workplace fitness challenge. As a champion for wellness, your role is to keep employee health and wellness visible. Read more about the scope and mission of wellness. Contact Health Matters for assistance.

Workplace Wellness Speakers

Before you make that call to invite a wellness speaker into your agency, consider the information in this checklist:
  • Know your agency's policy or guidelines on outside solicitors
  • Is the topic relevant to your employees?
  • Is the speaker known to you; do you know that the person’s information is credible?
  • Obtaining speakers through larger national (e.g., Red Cross, American Cancer Society) or local/regional (Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition, local hospitals) venues can lend credibility, be more cost efficient, and may prevent you from appearing to support one private business over another in your community
  • Ask the speaker to discuss a specific topic; ask the speaker not to emphasize their business in ways that appear to promote personal gain.  Remind the speaker of this agreement just prior to the class
  • Let your speaker know something about the audience he/she will be addressing, e.g., age, gender, education level, type of work done by the agency, and participant expectations
  • When introducing the speaker to the group, include the remark: “This speaker’s views are his/her own and do not represent the views of this agency or of the State of Idaho”
  • Need to brainstorm topics? Contact Health Matters.


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